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AI Image generation on every website.

QuickImages is a chrome extension that lets you generate images with AI and use them everywhere you need. Your AI generated images available to you whenever and wherever you need them.

Async:Continue your work while images are being generated

Copy/Paste:Use generated images directly without having to download them

Themes:Generate images with a consistent style

Vision:Get a prompt from an existing image that you like

Models:Access to Dall-e-3 & stable diffusion XL models

Works seamlessly with

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App in action

Works seamlessly on these popular apps.

Copy/paste images generated with QuickImages to your favorite apps like Figma, Canva, X and many more seamlessly. You don't have to download images and then upload them to an app to start using your generated image.

Everything you need


Generating images using AI can be difficult. That's why we have baked in a lot of features.

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Async image generation.
You don't have to wait for the image to be generated. QuickImages will notify you when your image is ready.
Access generated images.
Your last 50 generated images are persisted. No more worry about losing an image you generated.
Built-In Themes
Themes provide you with a great starting point. It also helps you generate images with a consistent theme.
Use vision to describe an image
Use vision to describe any image you like and get the prompt to generate custom images of your own.
Copy generated image.
Copy your generated image with a single click and use them in your favorite apps. Whether its for your Tweet or for your blog post.
Download image
Hassle free download of generated images.
Multiple models
Use either dall-e-3 or stable diffusion xl to generate images

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Here's what our top customers have been able to create with QuickImages.

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What’s included

  • Generate 50 images/month
  • 25 vision descriptions/month
  • 1024x1024 resolution
  • Async image generation
  • Themes
  • Access last 50 generated images
  • Copy/Download image
  • Dall-e-3 and Stable diffusion models



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