Why QuickImages?


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When there are tons of options available to generate images with AI, why should you choose QuickImages?
Here are 5 reasons, why you should choose QuickImages.

Multiple AI models

QuickImages supports multiple AI models. Currently there is support for dall-e-3 and stable diffusion. More models will be added as they become available.
You don’t have to purchase multiple subscriptions to use different models. One subscription and you get to choose which model to use for your image generation.


notion image
If you have never generated an image with AI, it’s quite difficult to get started, because describing the image you want as a prompt is difficult to start with.
Themes help you choose a style of image that you want to generate and helps you generate images with the same style. Themes also inspires you with sample images and prompts.

One subscription

You can generate images using dall-e-3 and stable diffusion with just 1 subscription. Managing multiple subscriptions is not easy.

No need to handle API keys yourself

We all know that OpenAI and stability AI provide rest API’s which one can use to generate image themselves. But you will have to manage API keys, keep an eye out on budgets, make updates as the API endpoints change etc.

Use on any website

notion image
Lot of web apps are rolling out their own AI image generation. For example, Canva has a feature for image generation with AI. If you want to generate after a certain limit, you have to purchase additional credits.
The problem with this is that you have to again purchase multiple subscriptions/credits for different web apps. Instead you can use QuickImages for your image generation and use it in all of your web apps. You can copy the image from QuickImages extension and use it in your favourite web app.

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