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Generating images using AI is becoming increasingly easy and simple. But one thing that seems to be difficult is to generate images with a consistent style. Constant style matters a lot especially when you want to create a certain feel throughout let’s say your blog post or your social media profile.
If you have a blog post, you know how important it is to have a cover image for it. One issue I had in the past was to find the right images for the content of the post. I used to spend hours on the internet finding good stock images, that match the content.
With the advent of AI, I tried generating images using AI. Suddenly, I didn’t have to spend a ton of time searching for images on the internet. It was great. But one issue I had is with the consistency of images for my posts. If you notice any popular blogs, most of their posts have images that follow a consistent theme.


You can achieve a constant style/theme by telling the AI to generate the image in a certain style. You just have to remember the style and also make sure to provide the same in the prompt.
You should also know the prompts for various styles before hand and hopefully they work well.
Here are a few examples
Paper Craft
Plain Text
Generate an image in paper craft style of a developer in chibi character working in his laptop. He has a nice work setup and he is surrounded by few plants.
Image generated by Dall-e-3
notion image
Doodle Style illustration
Plain Text
Create an abstract doodle-style illustration featuring a few F1 cars on a racing track. The track is curvy and there are a lot of people watching the race.
Image generated by Dall-e-3
notion image


With QuickImages it becomes very easy. Checkout the themes and choose your style.


A theme has a specific style attached to it. So if you use a particular theme to generate an image, you are guaranteed to have similar styles across all images that are generated using the same theme.
Themes page in QuickImages extension.
Themes page in QuickImages extension.


Choose a theme that you want and click on it. You will see a sample image and a sample prompt. Click on use prompt to use the theme and generate an image. Theme provides with the style, but you still have to explain the image in the prompt.
Themes in action.
Themes in action.

Benefits of built-in themes in QuickImages

You might ask, why do I need themes, when I can do the same by providing the same prompt while I generate an image. You are not wrong, that works!
But you have to remember the style and make sure to use the same to generate consistent styled images. The other problem is for you to identify and know the styles themselves. How do you know that you can generate an image in Glass Jar style?
QuickImages collects & curates themes so that you don’t have to. You get the theme name, a sample image and a sample prompt to inspire you.

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